The Postal Service and Stamp Problem

One of the biggest issues we face today is the growing government costs. It’s become one large, bloated, and complex machine. Unfortunately, like many machines, this machine is neither well lubricated or efficient. With billions of your tax dollars wasted every year. Millions spent on useless programs that do nothing but add to the problem. Billions spent on a self-propagating military-industrial complex. Buying new weapons that are barely an upgrade at all. We also look at cable and telecom companies, robbing our citizens. Lyingiving to increase their profit margins.

The very nature of capitalism causes many of the issues we face today. I’m not saying capitalism is a bad thing, but there simply must be checks and balances. Unregulated capitalism lends itself to a few oligarchs owning everything. That is bad for everyone, from the federal government right down to a regular, everyday citizen. This is a fascinating topic, with many thousands of arguments and different perspectives. Today were going to focus on one floundering government sect. The United States Postal Service. Unlike its private competitors, FedEx and UPS, the United States Postal Service has been losing billions of dollars annually for over a decade.

America has come to a crossroads, what kind of country does it want to be? Are we going to allow blatant government corruption, scandals, and waste destroy us? Or, are we going to do away with the many programs and companies that seek to hinder and hurt us.

The Costs

The most significant cost of the USPS is its obligation to retired employees. It currently pays out an unfathomable $5.8 billion each year in benefits to retired employees. I understand that people retire and our elderly generations should not be left out in the cold. However, that number is way higher than it needs to be. This is blatant systemic corruption by the USPS that has to lead to these ridiculously high costs. Over the past ten years, USPS has a cumulative total loss of $62.4 billion. Imagine what we could do with that money. Feed the homeless, better education for students, better care for the elderly. We would be here all night if I wrote about all the different ways this money could be spent more wisely. Government spending went wrong in its most pure form.

How The USPS Generates Money

The Postal Service generates most of its money through the sale of postage stamps. The Forever stamp was one of their most recent releases, and it was a relative success. However, it’s just not enough to stem the money hemorrhaging. It was merely putting a bandage on a bullet wound. We need something much more aggressive. Here are our ideas.

One of the proposals were seeking, is to reduce the number of post offices heavily. We also would like to mirror the successes of private companies closely. If we can mirror their business practices, perhaps we can mirror their profits as well. While in an ideal world the USPS would generate money for the government, that is probably wishful thinking. I would settle for bringing the deficit under one billion dollars per year.

Buying Postage Stamps

Part of our proposal is to increase citizen awareness of where you can buy postage stamps. Here is an excellent website where you can find a more in-depth guide to buying stamps. If we can increase the number of people sending letters and postcards, we should see a dramatic increase in revenue. Our costs would go up insignificantly compared to the sale of stamps. By forcing people to use local stores to buy stamps, we reduce the overhead of having a physical location and employees. Furthermore, we pump extra money into the economy as people will typically shop at the store for convenience’s sake.

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