Insight on Environment and Energy

Here are some more insights from Congressman Kucinich on this issue.


  • Gas Price Spike Act of 2005
    • Review Bill progress and cosponsors
    • Ask your Member of Congress to cosponsor (if not already)
    • Talking points, committee members to contact
    • Record the responses you get from members of Ways and Means and Transportation / Infrastructure
    • Share resources on fuel costs, mass transit systems, and fuel-efficient vehicles.
    • Comment or ask questions
  • Feasability Study of Mustard Seed Biodiesel
    Amendment to H.R. 6, Energy Policy Act of 2005
  • H.R. 2361, Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2006

Kucinich on the Issues:

  • Issues: Energy
  • Issues: Environment

Floor Statements, 109th Congress:

  • Drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge
  • Climate Change: We Have Been Warned
  • Global Warming: How Bad Does It Have to Get?
  • Introducing GE Regulatory Framework
  • Excessive Oil Company Profits
  • Remembering Chernobyl
  • Leave Mercury Labeling Laws Alone
  • National Uniformity for Food
  • Juxtaposition of Two News Stories
  • Statement on Methyl Bromide

Home Page Articles:

  • FEMA, Security, and Global Climate Change
  • We need to change our direction
  • Help Push Kucinich Bill to Tax Windfall Profits of Oil Companies
  • Kucinich Speaks Out to Preserve Arctic Wildlife and the Great Lakes

Reports from Washington:

  • Tax Windfall Profits of Oil Companies

In the News:

  • Local Congressman Introduces Gas Price Spike Act


  • Discuss environmental issues and read comments from other activists in our forum.
  • Dances With Ghosts
  • Gas Price Spike Act of 2005 – H.R. 2070
  • Energy
  • Peak Oil